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I'm not sure Ash @_@



You stupid and cruel Link!! ;__;



You stupid and cruel Link!! ;__;

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I wonder why…

is everyone better than me at drawing?


inspired by this comic

i now finally understand why i draw and why i’ve never given up even after all the countless times i’ve felt discouraged

This happens to me everyday at everytime…

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- Voy a estudiar después de terminar con el aseo…*fin*

- Voy a empezar a estudiar después de que almuerce…*fin*

- Voy a empezar a estudiar a las 2! *14:54*

- A las 3 sí o sí me pongo a estudiar  *15:40*

- Ya oh, si a las 4 empiezo a estudiar

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Akaneian Adventures - Linde, Merric, Sheeda, Abel&Est, Castor, Palla, Xane, Est with afro, Marth thinking of Sheeda, Catria, Sirius and Nyna